What happens once you have done all the training and diet and back work to prepare for a personal shoot or even a paying job and the other persons vision doesn’t align with what you stand for? Do you become swayed or pressured into doing something you otherwise wouldn’t do or do you stand firm in your conviction?

Its important to be likable and a person someone would want to work with again but not if its at the expense of your integrity. You simply cannot put a price tag on that! Know who you are and what you stand for and do not compromise that no matter the circumstances!

I was inspired today to touch on this subject of being true to yourself bc I experienced an event today where I had to decide if I was comfortable with what was being asked of me. I wanted to be agreeable and make a good impression but I also did not want to be misrepresented. Sometimes you just gotta hope others respect where you are coming from and then leave it at that. Ive learned that I will never make everyone happy but as long as i act in a manner that is true to how I feel then at least I will be happy and without regrets!


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About Jupinko

In the past several years she has developed a strong passion for fitness and now works as a certified trainer, nutritionist, and fitness model. She can be seen in numerous fitness infomercials and dvds including: Brazilian Butt Lift, Ab Blade, and Gym in a Bag. She is also a fitness competitor who most recently won the 2010 Fitness America Pageant title.

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