Surviving the Holidays

Well its that time of year when we find ourselves at an array of holiday parties and family gatherings and several extra lunches or dinners catching up with friends. What’s in common with all of our social events? Food!!So how can we manage to stay focused on our fitness goals with so much temptation?

We may decide not worry about all the extra food, alcohol, and treats by just saying that we will enjoy the season and get back to a workout and nutrition plan in the New Year. Well many people opt for this but never stick to it even after the new year :( This is not the option I advise haha.

I find the best thing is to Not zone out and eat everything in front of us but to pay attention and make conscious decisions as to what and when we indulge. Every coffee doesnt need to be enjoyed with a pastry nor does every dessert wine need a dessert. Have your treats here and there but make sure its worth it! Know that it is something you really enjoy and don’t just go for the mindless eating because its there! You know every cookie or candy you eat is generally not as tasty as you thought. So why not just pass on those treats and save it for when you know you are having a favorite? Believe me you will feel better about this option.

Even though its simple, I know sometimes its not easy. I absolutely love my sweets :) But I also love feeling healthy! And come January I do not want to be worrying about damage control :)

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About Jupinko

In the past several years she has developed a strong passion for fitness and now works as a certified trainer, nutritionist, and fitness model. She can be seen in numerous fitness infomercials and dvds including: Brazilian Butt Lift, Ab Blade, and Gym in a Bag. She is also a fitness competitor who most recently won the 2010 Fitness America Pageant title.

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