Music and Heart Rate

Its was quite a busy hectic week for me so it was great to have some time for a run this evening.  One of my favorite things is getting on the treadmill (yes im an indoor runner) and turn on my Ipod and clear my head. Sure running can be great for weight loss goals but some of us actually like it :)

But if you are using it to achieve some weight loss goals then getting some great music on your Ipod can really be motivating as well as a tool to target your heart rate zones. You can pick music with the beats per minute that you want your heart rate at! I just ordered some music with specific beats for certain heart rate zones. Ill see if it works and if i like it. I generally prefer songs with words and this is more techno ish but Im gonna give it a try :)

Heres some of the music on my playlist today:
Moves Like Jagger  Maroon 5
Beggin -Madcon
Baggage Claim- Miranda Lambert
Bulletproof- La Roux
Rolling in the Deep -Adele
Devil Went Down to Georgia- Emerson Drive
Dog Days are Over- Florence and the Machine
Howlin for You -Black Keys
Its Still Rock and Roll -Billy Joel
You May be Right -Billy Joel
Smiley Faces-Knarles Barkley
Midnight Man -Renee Olstead
Nothin Better To Do -LeAnn Rimes
Toxic -Brittany SpearsThe Beautiful People (from Burlesque) Christina Aguilera
Superwoman -Alicia Keys
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In the past several years she has developed a strong passion for fitness and now works as a certified trainer, nutritionist, and fitness model. She can be seen in numerous fitness infomercials and dvds including: Brazilian Butt Lift, Ab Blade, and Gym in a Bag. She is also a fitness competitor who most recently won the 2010 Fitness America Pageant title.

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