WBFF Worlds 2012

Many of you have asked how I place at the WBFF World Championships, and the truth is….. I was fabulous!  Hahaha!  I did not however make the top ten this time around.  I was honored to be competing in my first pro show with the WBFF and most definitely “brought it”!  However there is so much more that goes into choosing the winners in such a subjective sport.  There were a lot of beautiful people and physiques, and any one of us could have been chosen.  And I’m not just saying that because I did not place.  I am truly happy with who I am, how relentlessly I trained, and the package that I brought to the stage this year.  When I reflect inside myself, I can honestly say that I did my best!

That is why competing is so much more than about who wins.  Obviously, the goal is to win, and placings do matter….. but then again, they also don’t.  What do I mean by this??  The opportunity to train hard, show up at my best, and inspire my clients to do the same represents winning to me much more than a specific placing.  There is no greater feeling to me than to watch my clients not only successfully transform their physical appearance but also successfully transform their minds, their health, and their lives.  My journey to the stage was a shared journey with them as they watched me train day in and day out before or after I left a training session with them.  I cheered them on their health and fitness journey, and they cheered me on my journey to the pro stage.  That is WINNING to me!


In addition, I was able to connect with my fellow pros from around the world and make lasting friendships with other amazing athletes as well!  It was an incredible opportunity to compete among some of the best athletes around the world, on a worldwide platform, and televised live on Pay-Per-View!!  And let me tell you, I felt like a winner the entire time I was on that stage!  I am so blessed to be able to do what I love, and will continue to bring my best, and be happy with the outcome no matter what a judge decides. Success to me is working really hard towards a goal, completing what you started to the best of your abilities, and being happy with knowing that you brought your best effort regardless of the end result. Let us all take on our endeavors with the attitude of a winner because the most important opinion of ourselves is our own!!

Much love to all of you who support me unconditionally in my competition journey and my business endeavors!  I am very grateful for each and every one of you!

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About Jupinko

In the past several years she has developed a strong passion for fitness and now works as a certified trainer, nutritionist, and fitness model. She can be seen in numerous fitness infomercials and dvds including: Brazilian Butt Lift, Ab Blade, and Gym in a Bag. She is also a fitness competitor who most recently won the 2010 Fitness America Pageant title.

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