Dance and choreography have always been two of my biggest passions and strengths. I am very excited to be able to use those skills in the fitness industry to help others whose dreams are to shine on stage as a fitness competitor.

I have 10 years of experience in choreography as well as teaching students of all ages and levels.

As an artist, I always strive to use choreography that is unique, creative, and memorable along with all necessary elements and fluid transitions.

I am committed to helping you polish and perfect a routine that you will be excited to perform.

I will work with you to showcase your strong points whether they are strength and power moves, flexibility or gymnastic skills, as well as teaching you new skills if you wish to further your dance and technique training.

A strong stage presence is essential.

Personality and showmanship can make the difference between good and spectacular! These skills can be learned and are an important part of my training.

Regardless of your skill level and age, I am willing to invest my passion, commitment, and enthusiasm in you if you are willing to invest the same in yourself.

If fitness is your passion or a goal that you’ve always wanted to pursue, let’s make it the most extraordinary goal you’ve ever achieved on stage!

Get the Choreography Package Today!

  • Creation of Choreography Routine
  • 4 One Hour Sessions to Learn Routine


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