The key to any health and exercise program is diet. And when I say “diet”, I do not mean the stereotypical “diet” where you restrict your calories and foods so much that you feel deprived most of the time.  I am referring to nutrition as a whole when I say “diet”.

Most of us don’t like to hear it, but nutrition plays a huge role in the success of your training program.

Without the proper foods and portions to fuel your body, you may not achieve your desired goals. 

And if by some lucky chance you get close, you will “rebound” quickly and gain all that weight back after you are “done” with the program.  I will work with you to help you transition into this as more of a lifestyle.

This frame of mind will yield lasting changes long term for you.  This isn’t a fad diet or magic pill.  Look back at all the fad diets you’ve ever tried.  Did they work for you long term?  Are you ready to empower yourself to make lasting changes towards a healthier, happier, and better you?

Nutrition should not be an area of extra stress or pressure.
It’s really quite simple.

By implementing small changes and wiser choices, the body you’ve dreamed of is attainable.  Some basic principles that I subscribe to: refined sugars and processed foods should be eliminated as well as limiting GMO foods and dairy.  Natural, whole, and organic foods should be eaten whenever possible.

A sad reality however is that many foods that are high quality and nutrient rich can be more expensive.  And although I believe in nourishing your body with the very best sources for optimum performance and health, I am also able to show you how to make smarter choices if you are on a budget. There is really no excuse not to feed your body the right way with what you need to function at your best!

My programs are also highly individualized and closely monitored.

I myself suffer from severe food allergies and have had to learn the best approaches to feeding my body what it needs while dealing with my food sensitivities. So no matter what your circumstances or challenges, we will work together to make this part of your program possible, which in turn will make lasting changes in your lifestyle.

This new way of healthy eating is actually an exciting journey!  You are sure to learn new information about food and new ways to approach your relationship with food.  You will have the opportunity to be creative in the kitchen if you so choose or if you are not so inclined, the good news is I have done the research for you.

Through many endless hours reading labels in the store to studying exactly what those products are, I know the best premade products to buy with the cleanest ingredients.

With my knowledge and guidance you will never feel hungry or deprived. I believe in listening to your body and giving it what it needs: unless it tells you to eat an entire pizza at one time :) But seriously, you only get one body!

Respect it and nourish it, and you will reap the rewards that you seek.  And remember exercise and nutrition are both key components to treating it right. By taking care of yourself internally, you will feel better, look better, and have more energy!

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