Platinum VIP Program

This is an exclusive program that I offer a certain type of client after I have a phone and personal consultation with him/her.  I only accept a very limited of clients to work with on this program per month.  In this highly customized program, I take the guess work out of everything.  And I mean everything!  You spend 30 days with me and train with me.  You will have customized weight training/resistance training workouts and custom designed cardio workouts.  This is a highly results-driven program.  You WILL see and feel results in 30 days or less.  I travel to you, I customize your nutrition for you based on your goals and your body type, your meals are delivered fresh to you every day, and all you have to do is go about your life the way you have been.  The only things that may change are your food shopping choices, and some of your old eating habits (if they were not beneficial for your health or weight loss).  Everything is taken care of you.  You have the luxury of having everything done for you except for the workouts ofcourse – you actually have do to those!  Haha!  ;-)

Below are just a few benefits of the Platinum VIP Program:

  • 30-day exclusive customized program
  • 30-days of one on one personal training with me
  • Daily access to me with immediate responses/feedback
  • Fresh meals delivered to your home daily
  • Pantry raid – learn what is good for you to eat and what is not
  • Grocery shopping tour – learn how to read labels and/or learn what you should be buying that’s healthy for you and what is not
  • Hypnotherapist – food psychology evaluation, exploring your relationship with food, and discovering what’s holding you back

Contact me for pricing and a personal consultation.

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