The posing and stage walk can really help you stand out and shine if you know what you’re doing. Getting up on stage is so much more than just throwing on a bikini and a pair of heels.

It’s a lot harder than it looks.

With guidance and practice, you too can master a graceful and confident walk and stand out from the crowd. Wow the judges and audience with your energy, poise, and confidence.

Grace that stage with power and sophistication, and walk away leaving a lasting impression of who you are.

I can help you show off your personality and style, and I will work with you to bring out your best and most confident self. I will show you how to have fun with it while owning that stage.

Posing sessions are one hour-long sessions.

Single Posing Session $99
Two Posing Sessions $160
Three Posing Sessions $225

Number of Sessions

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